Photo: Île de Madeleine

Had the most beautiful day at the Île de Madeleine, an island off the coast of Dakar and accessible by pirogue. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful wild places I’ve seen in Dakar. There, we saw baobab trees covered in huge wild comorants, peeked into bird nests, saw a shipwreck and swam on the beach! (Click on photos to see them bigger.)


Photo: In the village

Spent the past few days staying in the village of Sangako, a tiny village where there was no electricity, along the river! It was hot, dirty, and dusty, but a great time and I learned so much! You can see the room where I slept in one of those huts!

Here you can see some of the members of the community who lived in the same compound where I did and who I got very close to. On the left, you can see Sofi Senghor, the mom and leader of the women in the community, and her daughter Sofi Bass. On the right, you can see little Sofi and Binta, another woman in the compound who I got very close to as well!