Photo: Saying goodbye to my family


Me and my yaay, who is all dressed up after coming back from some kind of event.


Me and my yaay and all the kids in my family! On the bottom row you can see our two bonnes, Mbene and Gaye. On the top row, from left to right: Ndèye Fatou, me, Mafanta, Fatima, my yaay, and Ndèye Awa.

Photo: Final day at school

For our final day at school, we had a fête (a party) to celebrate! We got all dressed up in our new Senegalese threads and I took photos with most of the ACI staff.


Me in my new Senegalese outfit, along with fellow L&C students Phe, Madeleine, and Katie.


Me and Oury, the Assistant Director of our program and one of the main people we interacted with on administrative things.


Me and our literature professor, Professor Sow.


Me and Pap Samba, who took great care of us!


Me and my French and Wolof professor, Abdou.


Our music and dance teacher!


Me and Doyen, the legend of the school and former director who knows EVERYBODY important in Dakar, from the coach of the national soccer team to international music star Akon.


Photo: Baptism

Went to a baptism, an ngentey, with my family, for one of my yaay’s grand-nephews. You need two outfits, one for day, and one for night––so I was lucky that my sister Ndèye let me borrow hers! The blue traditional style dress is my morning outfit, the orange my evening outfit. On the far right you can see me with my little sister Ndèye Awa.