bundow: small

In about a week I will be leaving Senegal. While I have had an amazing time here, I am excited to go home. And I am excited to go back to the West, because as wonderful as it has been adjusting to life here, there are a lot of small things that I miss.

I miss water that runs out of the tap and showerheads that rain down, bathrooms with toilet paper, and toilet seats. I miss being cold, or at least a little chilly. I miss rain so much, the sound of it on the roofs, the way it makes the air so cool and damp and smell like sweet earth. I miss not being covered in a fine layer of dust, and I miss feeling clean. I miss drinking water out of the tap. I miss breakfast foods, like eggs and pancakes and fruits and oatmeal and cereal with milk. I miss good yogurt and milk that isn’t powdered. I miss being able to walk into the kitchen, peering into the refrigerator and seeing what’s there, and cooking for myself. I miss shoes and slippers that aren’t black with dust and dirt, and being able to wear shorts on a hot day. I miss WiFi connection at my house! I miss sitting in air-conditioned cars, or just sitting in cars to get places. I really miss Asian food! I miss the feeling of being in my own house and being totally comfortable, reading the newspaper and watching TV or reading a book on the sofa.

But don’t worry, there are a lot of little things that I know I will miss when I leave Senegal!


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