reow: impolite, to be impolite

Reow is one of Nene’s favorite insults. Reow, yow, she will say, shaking her finger at you. Dafa reow! she exclaims, outraged, at something Baba does.

There are a lot of things that are reow here that I never knew. It is reow to rest one hand on the mat while you are eating on the floor, around the communal plate. It is also reow to rest your chin on your hand while you are eating crouched on the ground. It is reow to step over the plate where there is food, even though it is on the floor blocking the doorway. It is reow to give people things with your left hand. It is reow to not go around and greet everyone and shake everyone’s hand in a room, even if you only know one person there. I try my best to be polite, but sometimes I just don’t know!


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