tooy: wet, to be wet

I have finally graduated to doing chores in my house, and it really makes me feel like part of the family—I have never felt so excited to mop floors, to fooybere (to clean)! This, in fact, is my one big task. Every night, after Gaye has finished sweeping, Nene and I mop the second floor. I mop the stairs and right side, Nene comes in from the left, and we meet in the middle. Afterwards, I mop the outside balcony. With all this sweeping and mopping, you’d think the house would be spotless all the time. For the most part, it is very clean, but in fact in Senegal’s dusty climate, and with all the little babies in the house and visitors, the floor definitely needs a daily scrub!

Nothing is more annoying than when I am mopping and someone attempts to pass through the area, leaving a trail of muddy footprints on the white tile. Nene has taught me what to do in this case—she says, Fii dafa tooy. Here it is wet, without showing a flicker of emotion on her face, cold and stern, and goes right on back to mopping! Faced with that attitude, no one passes through when Nene is cleaning the floors!


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