kër ga

kër ga: house

My house is quite luxurious and large, although it is occupied by our very big family—around 11 people, plus five babies, by my most recent count. Encompassing three stories, it sits on the corner of our block, with the second-floor balcony wrapping around the two outside walls that belong to us. The first floor features the living room, outdoor courtyard, and partially outdoor kitchen. I live on the second floor in a room that abuts against the building next door to us, so I don’t have any windows to the outside, just two that peer into the living room next to me. Three bedrooms also branch off the second-floor living room, and a balcony outside that overlooks the outdoor kitchen. On the third floor, which is also the roof, sit three rooms that exist separately from each other. There are many rooms, and many bathrooms, so despite the number of people living with us, it never feels too crowded!

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