bëcëg: daytime

An average day in the life:

  • 6:00am—The call to prayer, with its long and haunting melody, creeps into my half-awake state and reminds me that I am in Senegal.
  • 7:30am—I wake up for real, brush my teeth, wash my face, and enjoy my breakfast of tea and baguette.
  • 8:30am—Off to class! I walk to school, greeting my friends, the regulars on my route. Mangiiy jangiy! I say. I’m going to school!
  • 9:00am—Class begins and lasts for a long time. It’s a good thing I bought some oranges on my way here this morning to make it til lunch!
  • 1:00pm—Lunchtime! Nungiiy añi, we say. We’re going to eat lunch! Sometimes I eat at school and enjoy the school cook’s delicious meals, but sometimes I walk all the way home for lunch to eat with my family. I hope it’s ceebu jënn, the traditional meal of fish, rice, and vegetables.
  • 3:00pm—Back to class.
  • 5:00pm—We get out a bit early today, which means there’s a lot of time to have fun. Sometimes my friends and I will stop by the grocery store and pick up some snacks like yogurt or ice cream or cookies, snacks we don’t get at home. Other days, I’ll go for a run in the cool evening breeze down the corniche, the road that hugs the waterfront.
  • 8:30pm—Dinner at my house, which also means time to enjoy sitting around with my family!
  • 9:30—Dinner is over by now, which means that I can hang out with the babies, watch telenovelas with my family, do homework on the table, or just sit and listen to conversation. Sometimes I’ll take a cold bucket shower.
  • 10:30pm—Bedtime for me! I plan on getting some good sleep—before the day starts all over again tomorrow!

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