xaalis: money


Today, some price comparisons. Senegal’s currency (CFA), is shared with a few other countries in the West African region. Roughly, 500 CFA is just a bit less than 1 USD, with 1000 CFA rounded up to 2 USD for mental math. With that in mind, here’s what I’ve been spending:


  • Clementine or mandarin orange from a street shack: 100 CFA
  • Cheap rubber slippers for wearing in the house: 500 CFA
  • Tin of Nivea Crème at the supermarket: 990 CFA
  • Sandals that I bargained for at Marsé Sàndaga: 2500 CFA
  • Cab ride from my house to downtown: 1500 CFA
  • Sandwich with meat, sauce, and French fries (inside!) at street vendor: 800 CFA
  • Bottle of the local beer: 2000 CFA
  • Ticket to a modern dance concert at the Institute Français: 3000 CFA
  • Twenty hot, fresh beignets from the lady on the corner: 500 CFA

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