ci yoor wi

ci: in

yoor wi: street


White buses packed to the brim with passengers, lurching to one side. Battered, dented black-and-yellow taxis honk at pedestrians on the sidewalk, wildly careening across intersections or reversing down an entire street. Car-rapides, buses painted in bright designs, zoom past, with young men hanging from the back announcing the destination to anyone in earshot. Mecs on motorcycles, clad in slick polos and gold-rimmed sunglasses veer around the traffic. A three-lane highway screeches to a halt as three large white cows meander across. Shiny black Range Rovers, the ultimate status vehicle, traverse the highways alongside ugly-faced goats. Skinny horses snort dust and pull their carts down sandy lanes, past taxicabs parked haphazardly on the sidewalk. There is a rhyme and reason to Senegalese transportation, but I haven’t figured it out quite yet.

2 thoughts on “ci yoor wi

  1. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. In this very first post, the heart beat of the city seems to be one of hustle and bustle. The transportation options are wide ranging from range rover to motorcycle to buses. Interesting…


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