doxantu: to take a walk


On a Saturday morning, I walk from my home in Comico Mermoz to the school in SICAP Baobab, a half-hour’s stroll down dusty, narrow streets and across two three-lane expressways. In the coolness of the early morning, before the sun starts to really burn, it’s the perfect time to notice things:

  • Three large hawk-like birds inscribe endless lazy circles around the ivory pillar of the mosque’s minaret.
  • A woman sets up her shop underneath the large, flat-leafed tree across from the school, gently laying silvery wet fishes in stacks on the table.
  • One breezy, long street is lined with gigantic villas, their high outer walls and delicate balcony trellises trimmed with pink and purple bougainvillea. The bougainvillea cast cool shadows onto the tiled sidewalks.

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